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Our versatility helps us fit all your needs

Translation & Localisation

Contextus began with translation.
The agency relies on qualified translators, all native speakers and specialised in a wide range of fields, and operates in several international markets, both European and non-European.
Contextus selects its collaborators with great care, ensuring that each and every project is entrusted to the best translator for style and specialisation.

Transcreation & Copywriting

Contextus oversees the production of creative texts directly in the desired language, offering clients an incisive transcreation and copywriting service. Our writers can adapt creative content from one language to the next, maintaining the tone, style and message of the original. They can also write texts – whether promotional, popular or technical in nature – ex novo, directly in the language of the target market.

Editorial services, Multimedia

Rounding out its translation and text production activities, Contextus offers the following services: graphic design and layout, editing, drafting, illustration, Italian and multilingual voiceover, digital content management, so as to develop on and off-line projects in their entirety thanks to professionals with years of proven experience. Contextus offers a full-scale partnership to suit all your editorial needs.


  • Translation and Localisation 77%
  • Transcreation and Copywriting 13%
  • Editorial services and Multimedia 10%

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